About me


I have worked with Carbon materials and products since the year 2000.
At that time I worked for Airbus, where I learned a lot about composites and their processing.

It fascinated me to deal with this material and to bring it into every conceivable form.
In order to qualify me further in the field of carbon, I did various professional training, which led me to the quality control of the produced carbon parts.


From the year 2007, I began to work in the field of mast construction at Southern Spars, the global leader in mast construction for sailing yachts. I was there as an auditor, project manager and carbon specialist, where I gained a lot of experience in ultrasound testing, repair service and the project management of major projects.


The steady growth in the market segment increases the demand for quality controls and professional repairs. I would like to offer you a flexible and worldwide service with my professional know-how, special skill and special Knowledge.


Daniel Schaade
Daniel Schaade

My experience

2000-2001 Handling with Prepreg materials
        Laminator for EADS Stade

Ultrasound-inspector Airbus Stade


     UT1 and UT2  for Ultrasound inspection


     Q1 at the Quality management


Southern Spars Europe


Handling with Epoxy materials

2010 Sep                                          

King Ransom Mast Repair after lightning strike (Caribbean)

2011 March-Nov.                              

Construction Veelux Boom  (Denmark)

2014 Nov.    

Leader Ultrasound training   (Sri Lanka)

2014 Apr.-July                                   

Refit Hetairos Mast  (Holland)

2014/15 Aug.-March

Volvo Ocean Race  (Worldwide)

2015 Sep                                           

Production inspector (South Africa)

2015 Sep.-Nov.                                  

Aquijo Service (Holland)

2015 Nov.-Dec.                                  

Kokomo Mast Service (Spain)

2016 Jan.-May                                   

Project management  HH66 Catamarans


Start my own Company``Carbon Globe``

2017Apr. Production aids in the production of V-Booms (South Africa)
2017Jun  Service work at the Mediterranean Sea area
2017July  Salona 60 V-Boom Production

        ------and much more------